[EN] Danub: Potion Packer

Welcome at Danub, the world biggest import-export potion company.You’ll work every single day (and night) of your life, your coworkers will be your brand new family.
Your job is to pack the potions concocted by your fellow alchemists and stabilize them so they’ll be ready for transit. But be careful, they are very unstable (but also very expensive) so work quickly and well!
Danub to rule them all!

[FR] Danub: Potion Packer

Bienvenue à Danub, la plus grande entreprise d'import-export de potion du monde, vous travaillerez ici tous les jours (et toutes les nuits) de votre vie. Vos collègues de travail seront comme une seconde famille pour vous.
Votre travail consiste à emballer les potions concoctées par vos collègues alchimistes et de les stabiliser pour qu'elles soient prêtes au transit. Mais attention, elles sont très instables (mais aussi très chères) alors travaillez vite et bien!
Gloire à Danub!

[EN] Game made in 72h during the Ludum dare 49 : unstable

[FR]  Jeu créé en 72h durant la Ludum dare 49 : unstable

Alexis Thiebaut: Gameplay Programmer
Arslan Elbar: Sound-Designer
Eva Gallardo: 2D Artist, Animator
Loïc Berger: 2D Artist
Lucas Guibert: Gameplay Programmer
William Comminges:  VFX / Tech Artist


1.1 - 04/10/2021, 23h 50 (UTC+2)

  • Game first release!

1.1 - 04/10/2021, 23h 58 (UTC+2)

  • Audio volume adjustments
  • Game icon for the Windows version

1.2 - 08/10/2021, 14h 30 (UTC+2)

  • Fixed the recipe book resolution issue
  • Fix a bug where the dispenser lever was stuck after the player took a potion during the animation
  • Fixed an issue where little flames were never destroyed
  • Increased player cursor size
  • Increased book animation speed
  • The Ice potion will now correctly slow the player's cursor speed while holding it (even if it's just a bit)
  • The Love potion sound effect will now only be active while holding it
  • Adjusted the frequency of pick up lines generated by the Love potion for less spam
  • Hairs spawned by the Hair potion are now static and will no longer follow objects
  • The trash trigger now correctly detects objects, even when dropped just above it
  • Removed blocking colliders on the right side conveyor belt
  • Ingredients can no longer be mixed into the potion if it is packaged in the box
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 1.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags2D, carton, Fantasy, Ludum Dare 49, Magic, mandrake, Point & Click, potion, Unity
LinksLudum Dare


Danub 1.1 - Windows.rar 45 MB
Danub 1.2 - Windows.zip 62 MB


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This is sick. Love the visuals.