A downloadable game for Windows

You are mandated to repair an old storage system's database, which was previously used to store administrative data.

You've already suspected the technology to be a bit archaic, but never would you have imagined the extent.
Navigate through "It's Hacking Time" while you travel through time and archaic informatical structures.

Our game is composed of a 2D video game (included in this archive), 4 sets of physical cards created by our artists (included in this archive) and an alternative controller we made ourselves.

The game itself is inspired by a real-world B-movie, Kung Fury.

The controller we created is a simple system that needs to be fixed to a keyboard on one side, and to one's arm on the other using a glove and a string.
It will be referred to at some point during the game. However, the game may be played without the glove; all you have to do is mash buttons when the "hacking time" transition begins.

The game was created during the GlobalGameJam 2020 in 48h by a team of 9 people where the theme was "Repair".

LE VAL Alicia : 2D Artist

GALLARDO Eva : 2D Artist

MANGOURNY Anne-Lise : 2D Artist

OUAGLAL Yanis : 2D Artist

COMMINGES William :  Tech art / Gameplay Programmer

POMOT Lucas : Gameplay Programmer

DOUAULT Tom : Sound Designer

PERON-DEHGHAN Cyril : Music Composer

MOLL Félix : Game Designer


It's Hacking Time.rar 107 MB


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cool. do you have a video of this game being played?


Not yet but we will soon have a meeting where we'll show the game and make some  videos