A downloadable game for Windows

This game is designed for three players.

Three siblings visit their relatives at the family home because they haven't heard about them for a long time and they're getting worried.

Once arrived, it turns out that their mother turned into a monster and locks them up. One of the sister is getting attacked and become blind.

She ends up alone, blinded, wondering where she is. You and your sibling have to find her and get out.

Once you download the game, you need to print the board, wich is a map of the house, the cards, wich are detailed illustrations of the rooms, and use an xbox controller or your keyboard in order to play (since you probably don't have the Spektr Pro glove.)

You now have to choose your role :

One player will be "blind", and the other will be the operators.

The blind player is going to wear headphones and use the controller.

The operators are going to share the card deck equally and put them face down on the table without looking at them.

The computer screen, the cards and the board will only be seen by the operators. For a better experience, the blind player can wear blindfolds.

Before the game begins, the operators can take a quick look of their cards and try to remember details of the rooms.  Then, you can launch the game.

The players will have a quick tutorial about the moves the operators have to describe to the blind one. Every success will unlock a new ambiant sound to the blind player who has to decribe it to the operators. The sounds are supposed to help the operators to guess in wich room he is .

When the operators have guessed the room, they have to enter the number in the answer case. The numbers are writtent on each room cards.

In case of failure, the timer of the game will be shorten. Otherwise, it is set to 20 minutes.

In case of success, you are now free from your devil mom.

We had'nt made a menu, to quit the game you just have to press escape.

The game was created during the GlobalGameJam 2019  in 48h by a team of 6 people where the theme was "What home means to you".

Gameplay Programming: William Comminges, Hugo Montegano,Lucas Guibert

Game Art: Louis Picard, Louise Vallex, Léna Stein, Eva Gallardo

Game Design: William Comminges, Louise Vallex, Hugo Montegano, Lucas Guibert, Louis Picard, Léna Stein

Sound Design: Cyril Peron-Dehghan, Tom Douault

Tags2D, Horror, Local multiplayer
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


The Lady of the House.rar 34 MB


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Hi there
The concept looks awesome but i can't find the files to print.
I thank it was in the .rar but no.
Can you help me ? I'm really interested in trying it Thx

Thank you for your interest.
The problem is solved, I added a folder in the .rar containing the cards and the map.
Hope you'll enjoy the experience.